Tony tran
  • Hello! I’m Tony, the passionate force behind TONY TRAN Fitness. My lifelong commitment to physical health has been deeply entrenched in athletics and professions that emphasize well-being. For over two decades, my experiences have spanned the vibrant realms of Hollywood and Orange County.
  • My journey has led me through 10 renowned gyms, earning me numerous certifications in the fitness industry. But what truly sets me apart? I’m not just a fitness professional; I’m also a licensed EMT-Paramedic and serve as a Firefighter for a local Fire Department. This dual background affords me a unique understanding of pathophysiology and pharmacology, which has proven invaluable when working with the active aging community, particularly those aged 40 and up.
  • While I’m well-versed in supporting a broad spectrum of clients, I’m particularly passionate about guiding those new to exercise, the active aging group, individuals on their weight loss journey, and those suffering from muscle imbalances. Life has thrown its fair share of injuries my way, but with the guidance of expert healthcare professionals, I’ve discovered the undeniable power of technical exercise. Join me in harnessing your strength, optimizing your health, and pushing past pain and discomfort.

My approach to fitness is to first improve body alignment, strengthen joints and core, condition the heart and lungs, and then focus on primary health or performance goals. When you start your fitness journey with me, I focus on key factors that will make a dramatic impact on your life, such as sleep, hydration, stress levels, bad habits, and what food/supplements or drugs you put into your body.

At the start of 2020, I opened my first gym, Formula Fitness, in Los Alamitos. It was a challenging few years, but with my wife’s background in marketing and operations, she joined the team at the gym and together we’ve been thriving. We’ve introduced charismatic, fun, caring, energetic, knowledgeable, and skilled fitness professionals to help deliver our health culture to the community one person at a time.

Outside of the gym, I enjoy sports with my daughters, going on adventures with my family, participating in triathlons, cooking healthy food, mountaineering (I’ve even summited KILI), attending seminars, and being a student of life. Remember, exercise doesn’t make you look healthy, being healthy makes you look healthy.


Flexibility / Range of Motion / Balance
Endurance training (swim, bike, run)
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Nutrition Lifestyle
Strength & Weight Loss
Corrective Exercise – Muscle Restoration
Post-Rehab Training
Lean Muscle Mass Definition


Iron Man
Multi-Media Production

Education & Certifications

AA Exercise Science
NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine
FMS 1 – Functional Movement Systems – Screening and correcting movement dysfunction
EMT-Paramedic – Advanced Life Support
NESTA – National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
Precision Nutrition Level 1
NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
TRX – Functional Trainer
TRX – Group Trainer
FMT Blades – IASTM
FMT RockPods – Cupping
BOSU & SB Master Trainer
Kettlebell & Barbell Specialist
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