Recovery Service

Recovery Service


per month

Recovery Methods

Dual Vibration guns

Strong or Gentle Mechanical Massage

IASTM Blades

Improve range of motion with moderate pressure


Experience the power of decompression

Assisted Stretches

Let a fitness pro push or pull your body into great posture

Trigger Pointing with Roller

Get firm pressure to your muscles

Normatec Professional Compression

Gentle to firm pressure to enhance your blood circulation

Give Your BodyWhat It Deserves

We believe the more people we can help at a value cost the stronger our reputation will grow, and to us that is a big priority.

Optimal Muscle Growth
Reduce Risk of Injury
Decreased Muscle Soreness
Boost Immune Function
Improve Flexibility & Mobility

Right now people are sitting more than ever due to being stuck at home and the seasons changing. Maybe you are wondering, “what helps lower back pain?”. Mobility through guided stretching and corrective exercises can be a real game changer for pain in thoracic (upper) or lumbar (Lower) back areas.

Sitting causes the various tissues of the body to tighten and require release. Loosen up with our recovery services.

Give Your BodyWhat It Deserves
Assisted Stretches

Assisted Stretches