How can I stay safe in the gym during the covid-19 pandemic?

As COVID-19 cases decline, gyms in California are beginning to reopen. With people coming back into health and fitness centers, there is a real concern: is it safe to go back to the gym? When you consider the intense physical activity, the heavy breathing, and the myriad of equipment to touch, the gym doesn’t seem to be the most sanitary of places. But when gyms take the proper precautions, they are surprisingly safer than other social activities.


If the gym is taking the proper precautions, your chance of contracting COVID-19 is less than compared to other social activities.

According to a study conducted by San Diego County, between June 2020 and May 2021, gyms only represented 0.4% of exposure settings. This is the second-lowest community exposure setting. This percentile pales in comparison to more common activities such as bars and restaurants, which account for 7.2%, or workplaces which account for 31.6%!!

study conducted by the CDC showed that eating or drinking at a dine-in restaurants were the most significant settings for contracting COVID-19. This was due to the difficulty and inability to wear masks or social distance during these activities. IHRSA points out that the study does not point to any positive correlation between gyms and COVID-19 cases.

While there is no guaranteed way to eliminate the risk of COVID-19, there are several precautions you and your gym can take to prevent an outbreak from occurring.

Another study by the CDC concluded that,

“To reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission in fitness facilities, attendees should wear a mask, including during high-intensity activities when ≥6 ft apart. In addition, facilities should enforce physical distancing, improve ventilation, and encourage attendees to isolate after symptom onset or receiving a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result and to quarantine after a potential exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and while awaiting test results. Exercising outdoors or virtually could further reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission risk.”


Be sure that your gym is complying with CDC and state guidelines relevant to your region. Be sure they are doing the following:

  • Enforcing a mask and social distance policy
  • Providing quality ventilation if indoors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing workout equipment regularly
  • Reducing capacity to state size requirements


At Formula Fitness, your safety is our number one priority. As of May 2021, zero COVID-19 outbreaks have occurred at Formula Fitness. We pride ourselves at maintaining a safe environment to train

Because we are not an open gym and all personal training is by appointment, Formula Fitness has a smaller population of clientele. If other sessions are occurring simultaneously, we strategize to keep trainers and their clients distanced from others and their equipment. Combining a small population with detailed precautions, our gym is optimized for illness prevention.

Formula Fitness is compliant with Orange County’s Tier 3 Guidelines for gyms and fitness centers:

  • Open indoors with modifications
  • Max 25% Capacity
  • Social Distancing Required
  • Face Masks Required

We also protect clients and staff through the following safety measures:

  • Enforced mask and social distancing policy
  • Mandatory temperature checks upon entry
  • Regular sanitation of all equipment with electrostatic guns
  • Constant airflow and ventilation
  • UVC lights installed to disinfect airborne pathogens


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