Best pricing for personal training

When shopping for personal training, it can be hard to find the right one on the internet. A lot of great personal trainers are very good at fitness and their craft but lack on the marketing side, on the other hand, you may come across trainers that are very good at the marketing side and lack in their skill sets.
Just like any other profession, you will come across doctors, lawyers, teachers, and even personal trainers that you will vibe with and ones that you won’t. Not every personal trainer will make a good fit based on what’s most important to you. Remember you will see your trainer 2-3 times a week, that’s more often then you see your closest friends. If you can get along with your fitness mentor then the better odds of results.

Doing your research to read reviews

Doing your research to read reviews, asking questions during a phone or in-person consultation, sample documents, and emails of what you will get are also really important to make sure what your trainer says is valid and legitimate.
I always get inquires strictly about people asking for the price of my services and based their decision strictly on just the price without even asking any other questions. Of course, money is important, but you also have to remember how important is you’re fitness and health to you. Do you just want the cheapest trainer possible and hope to get great results that last a lifetime?
Make sure to understand what services are offered, does your trainer have a solid track record, what is their education and experience like, and do they offer a comprehensive approach to your lifestyle? Remember when it comes to sales some trainers will say what you want to hear to secure a deal.
Here at Tony Tran Fitness, you will only get the best and most up to date science and evidence-based health and fitness practices. Below is a list of common services you will experience.

1 on 1 personal training experience: Best pricing for personal training

  1. Attention to detail and very hands-on to ensure proper education.
  2. Every session is different catered to your needs for that day or week because of what’s going on in your life and how you feel.
  3. Client satisfaction and results are my number priority.

Digital access to workouts and profile: Best pricing for personal training

  1. Every workout is entered into a dynamic document that you can view anytime and anywhere.
  2. Know and see your progress of your body fat, weight, and other fitness assessments in real time.
  3. When you finish your fitness program, you will have these records for life.  Now you can use these workouts on your own.

Personal Training App

  1. I have my very own app that you will use to watch video demonstrations of exercises that you forget proper technique.
  2. calendar is set up to tell you which days of the week you will perform custom workouts of weights, cardio, and or stretching.

Nutrition Education

  1. The way you will get long lasting long term results is not being told what to eat but to be educated to understand on your own what and how much.
  2. A progressive approach to nutrition that “compliments” your lifestyle is key. Everyone’s lifestyle is different.
  3. Accountability and measurements are taken at least once every 2 weeks to make sure your results are on track.

Injury Prevention and Manage aches

  1. No fitness program always goes completely smooth because of sore, tight, and achy muscles and or joints.
  2. When this happens this will increase your odds on the injury, alter the way you move, and decrease your chances of results because of discouragement.
  3. Skills and tools to manage this:
    1. Normatec compression systems
    2. Vibration therapy
    3. IASTM therapy
    4. Cupping therapy
    5. Trigger point therapy
    6. PNF Static stretching
    7. Dynamic Flexibility
    8. Muscle imbalance alignment

Prices at Corporate Gyms and other private personal trainers per hour session

  1. Cypress, CA Private Trainers $40-$50 (average according to

    24 Hour Fitness  $50-$85

    LA Fitness $40-$90

    Life Time Fitness $60-$100

    Crunch $100-$155

    Equinox $110-$160


1 Month Program

2x week 8 sessions total  $125/hr _______$1000 total

3x week 12 sessions total $120/hr _______$1440 total

3 Month Program

2x a week 24 sessions total $97/hr _______$2328 total

3x a week 36 sessions total $92/hr_______$3312 total

6 Months Program

2x a week 48 sessions $85/hr_______$4080 total

3x a week 72 sessions $80/hr _______$5760 total

Consultations are now complimentary for 2019. Special rates available upon request for December 2019.  Rates subject to change in 2020.

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