Picking the right personal trainer

Picking the right personal trainer: You finally made the decision to find a personal trainer for yourself. Congratulations. We hope you find a great match. Just like all professions, there are some professionals that are better then others, like doctors, teachers, hair stylists, and lawyers. Here are a few things that you should find out about:

Is your personal trainer insured?: Picking the right personal trainer

Not only are you making sure you are protected but you want to make sure your personal trainer is running a legitimate business. Someone that is on top of his or her business and has liability and personal training insurance will more then likely take your more serious.

What kind of assessments will your personal trainer offer you?

Numbers don’t lie. How will your trainer track your progress to ensure you are getting the results that you want in a timely manner? Some great methods are body fat composition tests, and movement dysfunction tests such as the Functional Movement Systems Screen (FMS). Not only will this track results but the tests will let the trainer know what you should do more of, and what movements you should absolutely stay away from.

Can you see yourself working with the trainer for at least 3 months?

On average most clients work with their trainers at least 3 months to see good results and change in either appearance, strength, and energy. If you really dont click well with your trainer, you wont have fun, you will cancel more times then not, and you just wont learn that well. So make sure your personality type will mesh well with your trainer.

What type of experience does your personal trainer have?

This one is really important. Of course education is really important but there are a lot of trainers in the industry that have degrees, and a lot of certifications, but just do well at applying their knowledge. Having a trainer that is well rounded is important. Are they able to work around your aches and pains. Will they be able to teach your flexibility techniques so you stay feeling good and injury free. Do they work well with athletes or the active aging? Those are some of the questions you should be asking yourself. A lot of the time testimonials and reviews are a great resource to give you a good impression.

Is your personal trainer worth the price they are asking?: Picking the right personal trainer

On the most part the most fitness professionals know what they are worth compared to the competition. Just like anything else in life you really get what you pay for. Make sure if you are paying a premium that you completely understand everything that you will get from nutrition plans, spreadsheets for your workouts, tests, measurements, email access, mobile apps, and a fitness program that is custom for your body type and lifestyle. Entry level trainers will change from $20-$45 per hour. Where well seasoned pros will charge anywhere from $95-$120 per hour.

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